The IDSK Library is an ideal place for knowledge enhancement of academic as well as research professionals. It began functioning from December 2002 at 5th floor of Alipore Campus of Calcutta University. It has moved to its present own campus at Salt Lake in 2010. The Library occupies two floors (2nd and 3rd floor, 1700 sq. ft. each) of southern block of the building. It is now one of the leading libraries in India devoted to the economic and social sciences. It has rich collection of books, journals, research documents, reports, statistical databases of wide ranging areas in Anthropology, Economics, Ecology, Development Studies, Demography, Public Health, Political Science, History, Gender Studies, Human Sciences, Sociology, and Nutrition with special focus on North East India.

Alice and Daniel Thorner Collection

IDSK Library is delighted to have received a special gifted collection from renowned social scientist and economist Alice and Daniel Thorner. In this collection there are three hundred and twenty three valuable books on various subject domains like Religion, Sociology, Political Science, Economics and so on. Besides English some books in French are also available in this collection. These books can only be read within the Library and are not for home issue. Some notable books in this collection are: Max Weber’s Le Judaisme Antique, Claude Levi-Strauss’s Anthropologie Structurale Deux, David L. Sills’ (editor) International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences etc. The books of this collection can easily be identified as the term ‘ADT’ (Alice and Daniel Thorner) has been  added before the Call Number of every book of this collection.

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